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  • CNKI Journals

    China Acadmeic Journals Full-text Database (CAJ) provides access to more thank 23.5 million articles from 8,200 Chinese journals  in broad range of subjects.

  • CNKI Proceedings

    CNKI Proceedings of Conferences Full-text database (CPCD) fethures conference proceedings from academic institutions, industrial organizations, and international bodies in China since 1999.

  • CSHL Online Journals
  • Cold Spring Harbor Protocols

    CSH Protocols provide of sources of research methods in cell, developmental and molecular biology, genetics, bioinformatics, protein science, computational biology, immunology, neuroscience and imaging.


    CSMAR (China Stock Market & Accounting Research) Database is the comprehensive database for Chinese business research,covering data on the Chinese stock market; financial statements and China Corporate Governance of Chinese Listed Firms.The subscription includes 20 sub-databases.Years of data dating back are different in different sub-databases. Earliest data dating back to 1949.

  • CEIC China+Global package

    Coverage: Exclusive and detailed CPI components like Core CPI, Pork, Cosmetic and Utilities etc; Organized and systematic price data which covers agricultural, industrial, metal, energy, property, utility, consumer goods and services together with detailed breakdowns of cities for some of the major commodities; 8-digits major commodities import and export, as well as breakdown by countries in some major commodities, like Oil & Gas, Metal, Auto, etc; Comprehensive datasets in City Labor Market and Government Finance; Comprehensive datasets in Bond market and Commodities Futures market; Comprehensive sets of monitoring indicators, such as leading index, business and entrepreneurs' survey, banking survey, consumer survey and PMI.

  • China Data Online

    Our university’s subscriptions will cover the following databases: 1)The Online China Statistical Data Service; 2) The Online China Census Data Service; 3) The China Spatial Data Service (China Geo-Explorer I,China Geo-Explorer II).

  • Chemistry Central

    Open Access to Chemistry.

  • The Construction Information Service (CIS)

    The Construction Information Service (CIS) is a fully comprehensive and easy to use source of technical information for all professionals involved in the construction industry.

    (Additional username&password is required to access this database, if interested, please contact your liaison librarian)


    CSIRO online journals present the latest 26 research by leading Australian and overseas scientists and covering a broad range of subjects.

  • Credo Reference

    Credo Reference database is provided by the British Credo Reference Limited Press (Original Xreferplus Reference). Credo Reference Limited is a reference resource library and information center and leading provider. Since 1999, it began to provide fully customized reference information for library.

  • Cambridge Journals Digital Archive 2011

    The  Cambridge Journals Archive 2011 is a developing service consisting of 207 leading journal backfiles. Most backfiles go right back to Volume 1 Issue1 and the complete 2011 archive extends to 4.5 million pages from 1770 to approximately 1996. Among them, 158 journals in the current issue were included in SCI/SSCI/AHCI (JCR2010) with a proportion of 76.3%. The Digital Archive contains 131 social science journals (56.5%) and 76 natural science journals (43.5%). Most of the backfiles, especially in the area of humanities and social sciences, are with high value to analyze, which make this archive receive high acknowledgment around the world.

  • China Statistical Yearbooks Database (CSYD)

    CSYD is a leading database of official data in China who collects all important statistical yearbooks published by Mainland China Press, covering various kinds of census and survey data.

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