Dear Patrons,

Now you can find XJLTU Library links in Google Scholar! Download the manual and set up the links!

To better enhance the on-campus search experience, and to help teachers and students access research resources online more easily, the Library has integrated its link “Find it @ XJTLU” in Google Scholar. This link will appear beside the title of a resource if the resource is available in XJTLU Library’s collections. With these links, you can get to the full text freely even if the resources are not openly accessible.

*Please be noted that the service can only be used on campus under the University’s IP address.

Before you can use “Find it @ XJTLU” links, please set up the Google Scholar preference first. Download the manual here to set up the links quickly.

Download: Setting up Google Scholar Preference – Find it @ XJTLU




The Library

February 24, 2014