The XJTLU Library staff will hold a library tour for the new academic staff  in the coming semester. The tours will only be one hour long, and are meant to familiarize academic faculty with the XJTLU collection and Library support services.

The tours themselves will include the following:

9:30 AM ~ 9:50 AM    Library Tour The east gate (1st floor) of the Central building)

9:50 AM ~ 10:00 AM   Welcome from University Librarian

10:00 AM ~ 10:20 AM    Introduction to Library Resources & Services

10:20 AM ~ 10:30 AM    Questions & Answers

The tour will start at the east gate (1st floor) of the Central building. The tours will take no longer than 60 minutes and have been scheduled to avoid conflict with other University induction events.

The tour time is the following:

Wednesday  15th  February at 9:30am-10:30am  To Register

If you are interested in attending, please register in advance. If we know your academic specialty, we will be able to better tailor their presentation to your interests! For your reference, the link for the LibCal Calendar is



Academic Liaison and Reference Division

The Library