Providing better services through users centered, innovative and professional service is the main objective of the Library. Therefore, to enhance the Library service and better support our users learning and research activities, the XJTLU Library is pleased to inform you that:

The library space will be opened on the Dragon Boat Day, 30th May 2017

3rd floor from 8:00-24:00

4th to 10th floor from 8:00 to 22:00.

(Library Service Counter and staff will not be working)


Kindly take note:


  1. Library Service Counter and staff will not be working on the Dragon Boat Day. But the Library learning commons, information commons and self-service machines are available for use.


  1. The due date of the book on the Dragon Boat Day will be automatically extended to 31st May 2017. 


  1. On the Dragon Boat Day, access to the Library is restricted to XJTLU staff and students only with XJTLU ID cards.


  1. On the Dragon Boat Day, the security guard will be authorized to check all university ID cards and reserves the right to check bags when the security gate alarm is triggered.


  1. Please take care of your belongings. The library is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings left unattended in the library.


  1. The library will be under the guidance of security guard in charge during the library closing hour from 22:00 – 24:00 especially on the 3rd floor. Other floors, 4th – 10th floors during this period will be closed and students are not allowed to be there.


  1. Anyone who do not abide by the library rules and regulations will be reported to the Library, and the library reserve the right to sanction such person.


In case of any emergency please contact PMO office on 0512-88161066


XJTLU Library