Due to low usage rate of the library facilities during summer holiday, and for energy savings, Library space and facilities will be arranged as following: 

1.  The open spaces available for users during the holiday will be from the 3rd floor to the 6th floor. The air-conditioning and light facilities of the floor 7-10 will be powered off.

2.  Computer room 463, 529 and 563 will be closed therefore, kindly go to the computer room 416 and 516 to have your self-study.

3.   Please kindly note that all group study rooms will be closed during the summer holiday until 26th August 2017. Therefore, patrons can use the space available on the 6th floor for all discussion and group study purposes.

4.   Please kindly note that, all library working hours, spaces and facilities usage will return to normal from 26th August 2017.


Thank you for your kind understanding and corporation. We wish you a pleasant summer holiday.


XJTLU Library