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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is based on XML technology, the Internet content distribution and integration technology. RSS services directly to the latest real-time initiative is pushed onto the readers desktop, so that readers do not have direct access to the site to get updated content. RSS readers custom RSS reader, you can see real-time updates.

Custom RSS Step

  1. first use, to download an RSS reader;
  2. copy link address (URL) of the channel;
  3. run an RSS reader, select "Add new channel" from the File menu, and paste the link address (URL) to the input box, and then follow the prompts to complete a channel customization
  4. click on the channel name that is, access to updated information at any time.

RSS reader download

To make it easier to read the latest to push in this portal, we recommend that you install the "see the world" RSS reader. Some RSS readers (such as SharpReader, etc.) need to be run. NET Framework environment, please download and install Microsoft NET Framework, and then download and install a RSS news reader.

GreatNews RSS Download

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