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Living Library [SN] 02:A Date with Prof. Xi for Enlightenment

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Academic Star

An award ceremony hosted by the Library was held to recognize and commend those students who had devoted themselves to their studies, applied what they had learned and shared their experiences with others. The use of “Academic Stars” as role models served to inspire college students to a more comprehensive and profound understanding of erudition and its connotations: dedication and the pursuit of truth, in turn enlivening the scholarly atmosphere on campus through which students would embrace academic research and innovation.

The prize included a cash award of RMB1,000 towards the recipient’s annual academic support. The funds would be used for relevant academic and scientific research, including the cost of books and materials, office supplies, publication, travelling and conferences. Each “Academic Star” could apply for a further RMB3,000 in academic support under the 2013 Summer Academic Program, which is limited to three winners.

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