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Learning Zone SN02

Chief Editor's Words

This is the 2nd issue of Learning Zone and publication happens to meet the enrollment of freshmen of 2012; therefore, it is an enrollment gift sent by the library to the XJTLU freshmen.

The foundation of Learning Zone was the result of the efforts of all colleagues in the library, which includes the journal name, column sets and content writing. It also shows the diligent enterprising spirit and work attitude of the library team.

Not just a string of words; a journal with real information.

From the ‘New Discussion’, the continuous thinking on self-development of our library can be seen. Research-lead, internationalization and uniqueness are important characteristics of XJTLU. As the academic support system of a leading international University, the library is an important window to showcase its academic level and cultural atmosphere. The library is positioned as the research support and learning centre, which aims to form an academic community of XJTLU. As a young library in a new university, the limited accumulation of resources can lessen our development burden, enabling us to adopt development conceptions and strategies of current latest and greatest university libraries, in order to develop our library and to guarantee teachers and students’ academic levels. The library will meet a milestone when the new library opens in 2013 and it will reach new heights on spaces, resources, technology, service and so forth until the library moves into the new hall from the temporary one. Digitization is the major development goal. The ‘E-Library’ introduces the electronic resources which will be essential information in your study and research work. There are also 'industry pioneers' to help you understand the developments of publishing and book information industry. You should know that the foundation and development of Google and Baidu depend on knowledge and experience of library experts to a large extent.

From ‘Galaxies of News ’ and ‘Students Activities’, you can realize how much this library is committed to creating the academic and culture atmosphere, and carry out their brand activities with initiative, enthusiasm and creativity, under the assistance of three students clubs. For example, the Living Library thinks of people as books and shares wisdom with others; Academic Stars, select and find excellent students in the aspect of academy; and also the recommended book lists which were made by library with many teachers of different teaching organizations provide advice to students on reading.

Unlike other general libraries, the Library of XJTLU is not leisurely and cozy. As part of a burgeoning international university within a short time it has met professors and students' expectation levels from dozens of countries in the areas of research and study, based on its excellent librarian and staff. 'The Demeanor of Librarian' tells the story of librarians in XJTLU, and aims to bridge the friendly relationship between students and librarians during your future study as well.

Reading experiences and sharing of them could be found in 'Enjoying Your Reading'. In addition, 'Guidance among Books' lists some guidance written by librarian teachers. When you use the huge amounts of resources of library, this issue could be a handy book for reference.

This journal is a stage of soul communication between librarian teachers and you. We hope this journal can be a medium, which ensures librarians and staff be your friends, research and study partners, tutors when you encounter some difficulties, and trainers when you need your skills upgrading.

University Librarian Xin Bi

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Learning Zone SN01

Editorial:Good things often give people the confidence and motivation to persist, without the thought of leaving. It has been six years since XJTLU was founded, with the aim of benefitting students and teachers in our university. The library has grown together with Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, like the flourishing of Spring, showing infinite youth and hope so that people can not help recording the moments of beauty with cameras, and the happy life of XJTLU Library with words.

The beauty of XJTLU Library lies not only in the rich collections of books, personalized reading environment, ongoing updated and practical electronic resources, but also in the integrity of the close contact between XJTLU librarians and readers. As the Psychologist Rollo May said, “The positive encounter needs a real, profound and comprehensive devotion.” What XJTLU librarians do should be as provisions of growth support rather than of knowledge services. In this way, we strive to approach each reader, the essence of life in XJTLU. Additionally, such work is done wholeheartedly, which derives from noble souls and goal-oriented and efficient teams.

May the volume act as a little drop of dew, reflecting every beauty of XJTLU Library; May it act as a light song, chanting each knowledge communication of XJTLU Library; May it act as a wall brick, attracting more brilliant people to participate in XJTLU Library.

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