1. Library opening hours?  

Library opening hours are based on an approved university calendar and other circumstantial factors.

Monday – Friday

8:00 - 22:00

Saturday & Sunday

9:00 - 22:00

Public Holidays


As for summer and winter break, the opening hours will be pre-announced via E-mail and also be posted on the News Board outside of the Library.

2. Where is the Library?

The library is located from 1st to 10th floor of the Central Building (except 2nd floor). It collects books for foundation learning, teaching and research, as well as providing newspaper, journals and DVD etc.

3. How to reach library’s webpage?  

 On the bottom of XJTLU homepage http://www.xjtlu.edu.cn/, you will find an icon named “Library”, click the button and you will find various links of library resources, including links which will lead you immediately to the library digital resources.

4. How can I access library online catalog? 
The XJTLU Library’s Online Catalog can be accessed from any on-campus computer connected to the Internet via URL http://opac.lib.xjtlu.edu.cn/. You may login by using username and password (the same as the username and password for your university email account) and proceed to check your current holdings, to renew books, and to reserve any library item you need.

5. How can I borrow a book?  

 You may go to the Level 3 Library Service Counter or use the self-service machine in level 1, 4, 8 to borrow items with your university ID card.

6. How many books can I borrow from the library?  How long can I keep the books?

 7. How can I renew a book? 

You can only renew your library items once by taking your ID card to the Circulation Desk or by login on http://opac.lib.xjtlu.edu.cn/. If a book has been reserved, you cannot renew it.

8. How can I return a book?  

You can return your items at any self-service machines in Level 1, 4 and 8, except for those materials which have been reserved by others. Or you may return them at the Circulation Desk on Level 3.

If the book has been reserved by others, please return it to the library service counter once it's due.

 9. How can I reserve a book?  

You could login the library catalogue system to reserve any book via URL http://opac.lib.xjtlu.edu.cn/ if there is no duplication available. You are allowed to have a hold-in at the library for the maximum amount of two copies. If the reserved book is returned to library, you should get the book from the Circulation Desk within 3 days after receiving the E-mail notification; otherwise the reservation may be automatically cancelled.

10. What is the fine on overdue books? 
If you return items after the due date you will be fined 0.2 RMB per item per day. If the book you have on loan is requested or reserved by someone else, it should be returned by the due date. 0.5 RMB will be charged per item per day if the returning is delayed.

11. How can I get help for library issues?  

For any questions or suggestions to the Library, please raise it to library staff in Circulation Desk, or you may submit a ticket on our helpdesk system at http://libotrs.xjtlu.edu.cn/.