About Library

XJTLU Library is playing the role as Research Support and Learning Centre in XJTLU by following the latest development trends of other top university libraries around the world. The Library develops its collection by focusing on subject development and research requirements. Over 90% of the 500,000 books printed collection being academic books in English. 213 different types of Chinese magazines and periodicals, more than 130 periodicals published overseas, 55 kinds of print newspapers and over 5000 e-newspapers and magazines.

Besides the physical library, XJTLU Library is strategically on its way to becoming a Digital Library, emphasizing on digital resources produced domestically and overseas. There are over 100 academic electronic databases available on campus, containing more than 50,000 academic journals, 215,000 classic academic e-books, 2.5 million Chinese e-books, and a massive resource of dissertations and conference papers. With a growing number of databases, the library well serves the existing and prospective subjects of XJTLU.

The Library professional librarians deeply participate in teaching and research, and are committed to meet the diverse teaching and research teams. The Library offers information literacy courses, research methodology and information skills training, and students Final Year Project guidance; textbook planning, purchase and management are also part of their responsibility. XJTLU Library features in original English books collection. To some extent, it bridges academia inside and outside of the university by involving international publishers into the teaching support team. Thanks to the library system, library website, campus network and the INTRANET, faculties, staff and students can access the library via the Internet at any time. The team of library aims to build a “Knowledge Campus”, and devotes themselves to academic sharing and knowledge integration projects.

The new library building is put into use in Academic Year 2013/14. The total construction area is 22,000 square meters. 2,500 seats will be provided for studying, discussion, computer lab use and studio work. The design of the new library is rich in cultural and academic atmosphere.

3F-10F, Central Building

As a member of Suzhou University Library Association, Jiangsu Academic Library and Information System, and China Academic Library and Information System, XJTLU Library focuses on inter-library exchanges and cooperation. It also provides the Inter-library Loan Services with National Library of China and Shanghai Library.

The Suzhou Dushu Lake Library is one sector of the National Digital Library and its resources are shared with XJTLU Library. The Dushu Lake Library contains a large number of Chinese resources, including 2.2 million e-books, 43,500 periodicals, over 300 kinds of newspapers, more than 80,000 papers and conference proceedings and one million copies of literature. The Chinese resource of Suzhou Dushu Lake Library is a useful supplement to XJTLU Library’s English Collection.

For more information about the University Library and current opening hours, or to get access to Library’s digital resources, please visit library’s website at http://lib.xjtlu.edu.cn.


Librarians of XJTLU

University Librarian

Academic Liaison and Reference Division (ALRD): Teaching and research support, Digital Resources development and training for PG students and staff.

User Service Division (USD): Students information training, library collection circulation, Knowledge integration, Library Marketing and UG Students activity

Collection Development Division (CDD):  Library collection purchasing and cataloguing

 Textbook and Publication Division (TPD): Textbook plan, purchase, distribution, publication, E-Textbook Customization