The XJTLU Museum is located on the 1st floor of the central building, adjacent to the Circular Meeting Room. It was designed by the students and faculties at the University. Officially opened in October 2014, the Museum covers a total of 400 square meters. It is designed to showcase XJTLU’s innovative approach to higher education development and employs state of the art, multimedia technology in order to provide an immersive and engaging experience to our visitors. It is our hope that this museum will allow you, our visitors, to come away with a deeper understanding of both the XJTLU Education Model and the great strides we have taken in the development of an internationalised educational institution.
With an open-plan layout, the west section houses a permanent exhibition focusing on XJTLU’s foundation and development process, the central space serves as an activity area, and the east section showcases typical activities of XJTLU students and graduates. As a centre of university culture space, the XJTLU Museum holds various exhibitions and cultural events including seminars and workshops organised by faculties and students.
In this summer of 2017, the X Bar on the Southern Campus, which is established and management by the XJTLU Museum, will be open to the public. It is a place for dialogue, full of vitality and literary styles, where you can enjoy your peace in learning, or participate in salons featuring leading figures in different industries. With this new extension at the Southern Campus, our XJTLU team is granted with more opportunities and greater responsibilities.

Opening Hours

  • 9:00-17:00 (Monday to Friday)
  • The Museum will be closed on public holidays and university closed days.
  • For summer and winter holidays, the opening hours will be pre-announced via E-mail and be posted at the entrance of the Museum.

Information for Visitors

  • Opening hours: 9:00~17:00 from Monday to Friday. Please also note that these opening hours are subject to change as the museum is often used for special events or public safety considerations.
  • In the interests of the health, safety and security of all visitors, please obey all instructions given by the onsite museum staff.
  • During your visit, please be careful around the exhibits to ensure that you do not accidently damage them.
  • During your visit, please help us to maintain a pleasant environment by keeping your voice down and refraining from spitting and littering.
  • Please do not bring inflammable, explosive, forbidden or dangerous articles into the museum.
  • In case of emergency, please follow directions of the museum staff and evacuate in an orderly fashion.
  • If you are planning to bring more than 10 people to visit the museum please make an appointment at least 2 days in advance. Contact Number: +86 0512 88183204
  • Please return the museum to normal after using the Museum.
  • Please be aware that you are responsible for your behaviour during your visit. The university and the museum will seek compensation for any disturbance or damage caused.
  • The museum staff has the final say in all disputes.