Textbook Service Centre

Location: North Campus, XJTLU Enterprise Park, Sunken Plaza, Parking Area
Opening Hour: 9:00-12:00; 13:00-17:00 (Excluded holidays)
Textbook Service Centre (TSC) belongs to Textbooks and Publication Division. As one of academic supportive center, it reserved latest textbooks samples; varied from departments to teaching centers, open to all XJTLU staff and students for distribution and desk copy retrieval. We do hope the center will offer university and external organizations to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation in the near future.


  • All textbook samples are only allowed to read within the center;
  • For holding activities, please comply with application request of CMO/MITS, the center will not offer other materials other than the above devices.


XJTLU Bookshop

Location: Student Enterprise Park of Sunken Plaza, North Campus
Opening hour: 9:00-18:00 (Holidays are excluded)
Contact: Bookshop@xjtlu.edu.cn
XJTLU bookshop, located in Student Enterprise Park of Sunken Plaza in the north campus, was founded in June, 2013. The bookshop is meant to serve as a supplement to the textbook service with providing rich reading materials; also it is an important part of campus culture to link people together with various events and activities. Currently, the bookshop sells English &Chinese books, and holds reading, cultural-experiencing activities periodically, which is made up for university academic teaching and learning.