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Registered XJTLU Students and Staff

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Registered XJTLU Students and Staff

  • Registered students and staff entering and exiting the Library must scan ‎their XJTLU ID cards on the Access Control Gate. Please be in an orderly queue.
  • Student or Staff who do not bring their ID Cards with them may use their assigned university login details to open the wide access control gate to access and to exit the Library. But keep in mind that you can only use this process 8 times each month respectively for entering and for exiting the library.
  • If a user loses his or her XJTLU ID card, please report to One Stop office and the Library OPAC System ( While a new card is being issued for you, the wide Access Control Gate should be used. You will have unlimited access during that period. After your new card has been issued, please note that the Access Control Gate rules stated above will be immediately applied.
  • In case of lost ID Card, if you have applied for a new one, then the old card is invalid.


Registered XJTLU Students and Staff’s Relatives and Friends

Kindly take note that during the registration and visiting process, relatives and/or friends must be accompanied by a registered XJTLU student or staff. The visit duration for relatives and friends is only for one hour. Maximum Number of Visitors is 5. If visitors are more than 5 persons please refer to item 3 about group visiting. Please follow one of the two processes mentioned below to apply for library access permission.

Method one:

Deposit your valid University ID card with the security guard to obtain library access cards at the library's entrance gate.
Please take care of your library visit card during the visit. A fine will be charged in case of any loss.

Method two:

With your university ID, apply in advance for a special visitor username and password at the library 3rd floor Circulation Desk.
The applicant needs to state the number of visitors and visiting time.
Please leave the Library within one hour, after that the user name and password will be expired.



Alumni entering and exiting the Library must scan ‎their Alumni Cards on the Access Control Gate.
If the access is denied, please show your Alumni Card with authorized form of ID (Identity Card, Passport and so on to the security guard at the entrance door of the library. You can then activate your Alumni card on the Circulation Desk on the 3rd floor of the library.


Newly Admitted Year One Students and Their Parents

These students are freshmen who have just been enrolled in the school, but have not yet registered to get University ID cards.
Please show the security guard the proof of admission to obtain library access cards to visit the library.


Group Visiting

Visits requested by external organizations, please contact Library Circulation Desk (Tel: 0512-88161291) for more details.


External Member

  • XJTLU Library main purpose is to serve the academic learning, teaching and research needs of the faculty, staff and students of the University. Individuals who are not currently members of the XJTLU may also apply for the use of the Library for a fee.
  • Library privileges are granted on a individual basis only and may not be used by or on behalf of anyone else. Users are responsible for complying with Library regulations and for all fees and losses incurred. The Library reserves the right to deny use to individuals that abuse library privileges.
  • The annual fee and card cost are non-refundable; anyone who losses his/her card should pay for the cost of card replacement.
  • External member may get their deposit refunded once he/she discontinues the library service, the overdue fees, book lost fees and other fees will be deducted from the deposit. If the deposit is not enough for the required fees, applicant should make additional payment to XJTLU Finance Office to settle the fees.
  • The expiration date of the card will be December 31st of the application year. External members who want to renew his/her library membership should pay the annual fee and other previously outstanding fees to XJTLU Finance Office. For more detail please check the XJTLU Library website.
  • For more information about External Membership, please refer to: XJTLU Library External Membership