Catalogue Search Area

The Catalogue Searching Areas are located on the 1st and 3rd floor of the Library. Students and staff can use these computers to search library collection, use Discovery system and print documents.
Next to the Catalogue Searching Area on the 1st floor, there are also some convenient facilities exist such as Library Information Checking Computer, Group Study Room Booking Machine, Self-borrowing and Returning Machine and so on to better support in using the Library service.


Library Information Checking Computer

Library Information Checking Computer can help student to check library layout, OPAC, My library, Discover, Using the library, Training schedule, Library news, learning zone.
Library Information Checking Computers are mainly located on the library 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th floors.

Gerd e-Books Reading Terminal

Library offers a service of e-books reading. You could easily borrow e-books and download e-books to your mobile devices, by tapping the pictures on the screen and scanning the QR code. The straightforward and interactive mode will bring you a new reading experience.
Currently there are over 2000 e-books available in the terminal, and will continually be updated with 100 new e-books per month. Those e-books are most up to date Chinese books covering healthy living, literary classics, children’s education, fiction and biography, social laws, management and self-improvement, arts and culture, science and technology, history, geography, philosophy and religion, etc.
Please kindly note that Gerd e-books Reading Terminal is designed and produced by a Chinese company and at the moment, they only provide Chinese interface and Chinese books.
For more information, please refer to Gerd e-Books Reading Terminal User Guide