Gifts from Industrial Design for the busy final week in library

13 June 2018, Wednesday, 10:21    Exhibition       Viewed by: 1256 times



In the early June, XJTLUers are working on their final exams of this semester. When students walked around the library, hope they might recognize that the showcase owns its typical exhibition.



All the exhibits are provided by Y3 students from Department of Industrial Design, and they designed them for the course called ‘Design for Manufacturability’. Prof. Sun Jie introduced that in this modular, students need consider how to transform their design concept to manufacturing process, how to use 3D printing, cutting, casting, and milling in their design projects. Meanwhile, they still need to think about the cost of the manufacturing processes, and then they might choose the best way to present their ideas and make them out. After seriously selecting, tens of design samples have been shown in XJTLU library.



After reviewing the exhibition, Hu Xingjian, Wang Qiyao, and Qiu Yundan, Y3 students form Industrial Design, pointed that ‘The modular makes us know various manufacturing methods, and it will help us think the relationship between design and manufactory in the future.’ Meanwhile, they are also very excited about the cooperation with XJTLU library. ‘It is honored that our projects could be presented in the library and it encourage us to design more interesting projects.’ Hu Xingjian seems also earn his own surprise, ‘One of visitors shows his interest on my 3D printed glasses and he asked me to make another for his friend, and it cheer me up.’