BSOL will monitor patrons’ bulk downloading

24 October 2013, Thursday, 09:38    Others       Viewed by: 10 times

Dear all,

In order to protect the copyright, BSOL will monitor bulk downloading to ensure that their intellectual property is protected. Nonetheless, BSOL will still try to keep the user-friendly functions and provide the direct access to the contents ordered.

Since now, BSOL will monitor the download behaviors of the registered users of British Standards Online. The limitation aims to urge users to pay attention to the copyright.

In the future, BSOL will launch monitoring and warning systems aimed at all access methods gradually. Therefore, we hope that you can fulfill the agreement to avoid the systematic downloading.

According to the XJTLU Copyright Guide, authorized users are usually allowed to view, download or print a copy of an article from the Library’s electronic resources portal for personal use (study, teaching, research). However, bulk downloading using Internet tools or systematic downloading/printing are strictly prohibited. Authorized users are also not allowed to use the Library’s electronic resources for commercial purposes on all accounts. All the other electronic resources in the Library are also subject to such requirements and any violators themselves must suffer the consequences concerned.



Academic Liaison and Reference Division

October 24, 2013