Access Problem of Emerald Journals & eBooks

18 July 2019, Thursday, 10:51    Library Resources       Viewed by: 45 times

The Library was informed that Emerald Journals & eBooks platform is being upgraded in summer vacation. The full text access of subscribed journals and eBooks will be affected. The database vendor provides a temporary access entrance for urgent use of those resources. Please follow the following instructions.

Step 1: Open this link:

Step 2: Click the “Login ” on the upper right of homepage.

Step 3: Find “Got a trial passcode”

Step 4: Fill in the passcode: SkYzZ2TvKdnN3LtaP8WrT9Fm

Step 5: The webpage will be automatically jumped to the homepage, and XJTLU user can access subscribed journals and eBooks

We apologize for any inconvenience it may cause. Further progress will be announced on Library website.

XJTLU Library

July 18, 2019