Different Melodies from Living Library

25 April 2018, Wednesday, 13:18    Library Event       Viewed by: 1149 times

As the month of April accompany with rain and sunshine, we finally welcome the World Reading Day and Living Library which is organized by XJTLU Library. On the 23rd of April at 6.30pm the 23rd Living Library has been successfully held at G23W of Central Building.

There were 10 extraordinary “Living Books” who participated in this activity, to share their unique experience and they are: Kaifu Wang, Winner of the National Scholarship of University of Pennsylvania; XinXin Xu, Course Convener of Chinese Languages and Culture Centre; Yanqing Wang, Senior Engineer of China CRRC Qingdao Sifang Stock Company; Mark Sinnott, English Language Tutor of Language Center; Xu Han, Professional Music Tutor and so on.

The event kick started with every “Living Books” who gave a brief introduction about themselves, to make the readers to know some basic information of them. Then, the lending period of these books began. The period consists of three rounds and each rounds lasted for 20 minutes. In the 20 minutes, the reader discussed and exchanged ideas with the “Living Books” to have a deeper understanding and meaning on different professions, groups and distinctive experiences.  

“There is always enthusiasm in life. It is never too late to pursue your hobbies”, Xu Han just recently completed recording her demo. She graduated from Central Conservatory of Music; she is not only with a beautiful face but also has a deep understanding of life. She started out her session with a chorus song and then she shared her experience of practicing skills in the piano room when she was in college. Those days did sharpen her skills and taught her the meaning of strength and perseverance. She integrated music into her life, serenading the readers to listen to her poetic life. The readers learned about music, as well as her way of learning. xu han

Unlike Xu Han who wanders the world of music, Xinxin Xu, Course Convener of Chinese Languages and Culture Centre wanders the world with her travels. During her sessions, she told her readers interesting stories and funny encounters that made them rolling on the floor laughing. She said everyone is a different book because our experiences and life make it different. She also explained the principles of life with great laws of history, taught students to live life in big and meaningful way. The readers applauded again and again.

xinxin xu

At the end of the event, the 10 “Living Books” were awarded with “Living Book Certificate” and took a group photo with the readers.

As a third year student says, “This activity can help students to improve themselves and put forward a social exchange in order to better adapt to future learning and life. Furthermore, we will be able to redefine their goals and set up benchmarks for learning. It is fortunate for us to meet and know interesting people within a short period of time. “


As the chattering dies down, the readers left the event with the hope to relive the “Living Books” experience and maybe dream of themselves that one day they could also be a “Living Book” for this event. The Living Library event wish to stimulate the readers’ imagination and ideas, encourage the students to read and explore a new way of reading.