Library Activities in the Freshmen Week

15 October 2018, Monday, 14:45    Library Event       Viewed by: 566 times

Recently, the most-awaited event of this semester i.e. the three week seasons of library activities for freshman finally came to a curtain. The opening series at this year’s session are designed for three main activities: Freshman First assignment, The Hunt for the library’s mascot Guan Xiaotu, and The First Book I borrowed from the library. During the three-week event, the freshmen have received valuable opportunities to interact with the mascot, Guan Xiaotu, while experiencing the library’s new equipment to administer sufficient skills and knowledge in accessing the library’s provided services. In an effort to inspire new students, the library also prepared beautiful customized prizes that were distributed through sweepstakes with 35 lucky winners.




These activities have received a lot of kudos from participants:



A first year student named Wang commented, “I like reading books, and I also love library. Of course, I was eager to take part in the library activities. The activities that they held not only help me utilize all the resources that the library has but also borrow a lot of books that I love to read. The prizes are lovely and practical. The staff in the library are really good at what they are doing. I hope they can hold this kind of intimate activities frequently in the future.”



Li, a freshman said, “I was given a freshman questionnaire by the OPAC training instructor. Although a volunteer had introduced the library earlier, I still didn’t manage to answer the questions at first. However, I managed to answer all the question by checking the student handbook. Those answers stuck in my mind ever since then. I am very happy that I won the price.”



"The main purpose of the Freshmen Week is to help freshmen understand the resources available in the Library, to pave a way for their future college life and study. It is hoped that through the activities, students ‘reading habits will be cultivated, and that the library mascot, Guan Xiaotu will become students’ study companion.” explained Deng, a library staff.