2018 Autumn Book Fair Came to a Successful End

5 November 2018, Monday, 11:37    Library Event       Viewed by: 141 times


The 2018 Autumn Book Fair was held at the South Study Hall, the 3rd Floor of the Library, which lasted for three days, form October 23rd to 25th. There exhibited all kinds of original foreign-language academic books and had attracted lots of faculties and students to the fair to read and select books. Holding this activity aims to build exchange platform for faculties and students with the press, book vendors and librarians, to provide sufficient academic support and more insight into the various disciplines for teaching resources and academic services. The University Library strives to promote the balance of collection resources between various disciplines, ensuring all disciplines are adequately covered.


本次书展是集中国图书进出口总公司、中国科技资料进出口总公司、中国教育图书进出口有限公司、中国图书进出口上海公司和北京中科进出口有限责任公司五家图书供货商的大型综合性书展。同时还邀请到了知名国际出版社进行学术交流,包括培生教育集团、牛津大学出版社、剑桥大学出版社、约翰·威利、泰勒-弗朗西斯出版集团 、英国麦克米伦出版公司、世哲出版公司 、圣智学习出版公司 、麦格劳-希尔公司 。鉴于西浦国际化的教学和科研特点,本次书展图书均为外文原版学术书籍,内容紧扣我校所开设的专业课程,涵盖电气与电子工程、会计、化学、土木工程、城市规划、工业设计、生物、计算机科学与技术、建筑、经济学、传播学、广播电视学、语言学等学科领域。


It is a large-scale comprehensive book fair integrating five book vendors, namely China National Publications Imp & Exp (Group) Corporation, China Sci-Tech Information Imp & Exp Corporation, China Educational Publications Imp & Exp Corporation Ltd., China National Publications Import & Export Corporation Shanghai Branch and Beijing Zhongke Imp & Exp Company. Meanwhile, famous international presses were invited for academic exchanges, which includes Pearson, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, John Wiley & Sons, Taylor & Francis Group, Macmillan Publishers Limited, SAGE Publications, CENGAGE Learning and McGraw-Hill Companies. In light of the University international teaching and research characteristics, the books on the fair are all original academic books in foreign languages, which closely follow the subjects in our school, such as Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Accounting, Chemistry,  Civil Engineering, Urban Planning and Design, Biology, Computer Science and Technology, Architecture, Economics, Media Communication, Film and TV Arts,  Language etc.



With the librarian's preparation for more than a month as well as the supports of university leaders and various departments, the book fair went smoothly and the faculties and students responded well. There were over one hundred faculties and students involved in book recommendation, and more than one thousand books were recommended on the fair. Librarians are currently busy handling on book fair recommendations, all of which are expected to be on shelf in late November. The faculties and students who participated in the book recommendation will receive the one-on-one book recommendation feedback, and the book lending information will also be sent to the corresponding personal email.


活动现场,为大家提供了免费的咖啡和茶水以及书展咨询服务,这次以“Be Smart, Be Sure”为主题的2018秋季书展活动在愉悦的气氛中圆满落幕!

At the site of event, coffee and tea were provided for free as well as book fair consultation services. The 2018 Autumn Book Fair themed "Be Smart, Be Sure" came to a successful end in pleasant atmosphere.