Lantern Festival Celebration in the Library

25 February 2019, Monday, 13:27    Library Event       Viewed by: 33 times

The XJTLU Library has recently celebrated Lantern Festival (元宵节) to carry forward and share this Chinese traditional culture and festival with the Library users from diverse background. The Library celebrated this festival with a series of activities such as Lantern of Riddles, Blessing Wall and tasting Yuanxiao. These activities, lasting from 19 Feb to 22 Feb, have successfully attracted many students to participate.


For the Lantern of Riddles, the Library prepared 60 riddles per day that consists of idioms, name of places, XJTLU Library’s background information, poetry, etc. that are very informative. Furthermore, the Library also set up a Blessing Wall where students can share their written new-year wishes by sticking it on the wall. Lastly, no festival is complete without enjoying traditional delicacies. On the day of Lantern Festival, the library also gave out tasty Yuanxiao for participants to enjoy.



The activities received great feedbacks from students because creates festive atmosphere, a home away from home. As New Year resolutions, the Library will continue to provide excellent services for staffs and students, along with holding various fun activities for everyone to enjoy.